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Teresa Dabir

Teresa Dabir

Unique situations arise for those over 50: osteoporosis, type II diabetes, and knee/hip issues (or replacement), balance, lack of strength and flexibility. Teresa's passion is to design your workout to support your goals and combat the aging body to increase activity levels for more enjoyment and fulfillment of your daily life.

“I have a passion to work with Baby Boomers and Seniors to create a ‘New You’ through fitness; by feeling better about yourself, increasing your energy, while managing health concerns. Isn't it great to feel stronger and more energetic while experiencing less fatigue?”

Each workout session incorporates the 3 aspects of a balanced exercise regime: Cardiovascular, Strength Training, and Flexibility. Preparing the body for further spinal stabilization, she implements use of core and back conditioning, re-educating the body to establish movement patterns that can be easily implemented into everyday life.

Injury prevention is one of Teresa's highest priorities through close attention to proper exercise form and execution. Her clients learn not only how to perform the exercises correctly but effectively. Teresa is dedicated to providing exceptional training to each and every client.

“I find nothing more gratifying than making a difference in someone's life.”

Teresa Dabir received her Personal Trainer certification from one of the elite institutions: American Council on Exercise. Graduating with a degree in Health Science, she has developed an exercise background in health and fitness including experience as an Athletic Trainer, Physical Conditioning and Aerobics Instructor along with Health Management through Nutrition Education and Counseling.

Nutrition & Exercise

Another aspect of Teresa's personalized programs include a nutritional approach surrounding your food preferences and lifestyle. Many of her clients experience notable progress with their quest for weight control by combining nutritional counseling with the fitness program she designs.

It is pertinent that those who are motivated toward weight management for health or self-esteem reasons incorporate nutritional education along with a cardiovascular, strength training, and education program. Teresa's knowledge and experience give her the ability to individualize a program for each person.

“Helping people change their lives in positive ways is my priority.”